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Study at any level
from beginner to expert

We offer  

  • English and Chinese(mandarin) courses for adults, teens and kids 

  • Two online options:Private and Group

Our Courses

English for
Adults and Teens


 Conversation Classes

  TOEFL Preparation

English for Kids


 Speaking Classes

 K12 English program

Chinese(Mandarin) for
Adults ,Teens and Kids


Conversation Classes 

Speaking Classes

Character and Reading Classes

Comprehensive Chinese Classes

Computer Virtual Lab(English)

Nearly 30 English teaching products meet the needs of children to adults at all levels

DynEd is the world’s leading provider of English language learning software and its courseware is the most highly awarded in the field.

Study online 

  • 4pm |  Chinese Conversation 
  • 6pm |  ESL Conversation 
  • 8pm |  TOEFL Preparation  
Contact us to discuss your level and book a class.

Study Abroad Service

We help our students to customize their plan for next level study, including proper targeting for the desired school, SAT/ACT tutoring, optimize the writing format, modify personal resume, enhance the overall competence, and instruct the students in elementary school to high school for their overseas study application in America in different phases.

Students Success Stories

I am a  elementary  student, I am taking an English conversation class, my English teachers are all Americans. During the class, we seem to be relaxed and casual, but in fact, it is not too casual to chat. Every time the teacher gives me a topic, Some thought-provoking questions and some vocabulary with English annotations. Whatever you want to talk about, you can talk for thousands of miles. The teacher will not criticize you. The teachers are amiable and have great teaching methods. They will never be impatient.


At first, it was very hard and stressful to the point of making you feel like quitting. The other students I was learning with were way above me in levels of vocabulary since it's one of the hardest things of learning Chinese with the crazy amount of characters you have to remember. But I still continued and I now know that I made the right choice of not quitting.
Before, I could only recognize simple characters like "Me" or the numbers from one to ten. But after sticking around, I've learned so much more. I've learned enough to converse via text messaging in Chinese with my family as well as being able to enjoy watching movies in the language. Not only did it deepen my understanding of the language itself, but also the cultural aspect regarding how and why the characters are the way they are and the traditions and values of chinese culture. Overall, I don't regret my decision and I feel like it's one of the best I've made.


I am a junior high school student and have been using Dynad for more than two years. Dyned is a very good English learning software with an advanced speech recognition system. When I first started using it, I was not used to it. The speech recognition system is very strict, but as long as the words are clear and the pronunciation is standard, there is no  problem. Not only that, Dynad needs you to use it frequently. Frequent learning is the key to language. You must practice what you learn repeatedly to master them. So, I highly recommend Dynad, if you are a beginner, they will make you fall in love with English, if you have a certain level, they will make your English to the next level.


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