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YeaIc Language Institute  was created in 2020, We provide English and Chinese classes and study abroad services.The teaching team consists of professional in-service teachers from China and the United States who have many years of teaching experience.

Our teaching philosophy

  •  Listening and speaking taking the leading role,reading and writing follows right after.

  • Language is not learned, but used,so it is necessary to drill as much as possible. The more you apply it in real situations, the more natural it will become.


Meet Our Team

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Shao Zhou
Chinese Instructor

 Ph.D, is currently an associate professor of the School of International Culture of South China Normal University and a master tutor. She has long been engaged in international Chinese language education and Chinese language teacher training. As a member of the expert group of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, she has been to Indonesia, Myanmar and other countries for overseas Chinese teacher training. 


Qi Yuan
Chinese Instructor

 PhD, is Associate professor of Literature in School of Liberal Arts at Yangzhou University, Deputy director and research fellow of SJTU Center for Life Writing. He is also Deputy Editors-in-Chief of Journal of Modern Life Writing Studies. He specializes in comparative literature, Comparison on Eastern and Western Cultures and life writing studies. 


Yan Li
Chinese Instructor

25 years of experience in teaching Chinese, drama and Chinese as a foreign language,she is a certified international Chinese teacher. She is currently the head of the school's drama teaching team and the head of the Jinfan Repertory Troupe.


YaLi Yan
Chinese Instructor

Master of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, has more than ten years of experience in teaching Chinese and middle and elementary schools.

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Dan Peng
Chinese Instructor

More than 30 years of experience in teaching college Chinese, middle and high school languages and Chinese as a foreign language, she is a national-level Mandarin tester.

Jose Carmona

Jose A.Carnoma
English Instructor

Over 25 years of teaching English, Spanish and ESL, including TOEFL preparation classes.

Over 25 years of curriculum development and program development for English, Spanish, and ESL

Over 15 years of educational consulting and training

Over 15 years of publishing experience


English Instructor

Certified in teaching Exceptional Student Education K-12 since 1999. I have been also working as an online English Instructor, teaching students in China.

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Tina Wenthold.
English Instructor

16 years of experience in public education. I have a bachelors degree in elementary education and a masters degree in teacher leadership for secondary English language arts. I have taught ESOL for K-12 and in the adult learning program for my school district.


Marsha Wilson
English Instructor

Licensed teacher for 19 years.Subject areas: elementary K-6Language Arts 6-12Social Science 6-12ESOL K-12

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