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When can I start?

You can start today. Group classes begin every 10 weeks. However, once a group of 5 to 7 students is established, a class can begin right away. Our classes are geared toward today’s busy lifestyle. Students meet two hours per week for 10 weeks. Private courses can be flexibly arranged according to needs.

How do the courses work?

After you register for a course, you will select your first choice and second choice of class times. You will be assigned a classroom in Zoom or Wechat, and you will meet in the same classroom every week for the length of your class. Our customer service will be your contact person, and your instructor will conduct your class every week.

What is the cost?

•    Group class
Our cost for all 10-week classes is $280.
Students meet 2 hours per week.
•    Private class
20 classes $800,$1000
•    In addition, we have DynEd (computer virtual lab) available per monthly subscription.

How to make a class schedule?

Please contact us by email at,our customer service will discuss the specific class time and course level with you.

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